About Us

 ‘Eo Na Pūnāwai is a Non-Profit Native Hawaiian Organization.  

Eo Na Punawai, in Hawaiian means "From The Spring Waters".  The name was chosen because in Old Hawaii fresh spring water was the basis of life.  We believe that education is to the present and future in Hawaii as fresh spring water was to our ancestors in Hawaii.  It is one of basics needed in order for Native American people to continue to grow in our country.

Our primary purpose is to provide scholarships to Native Hawaiians and all other Native Americans with the focus on technical fields. We offer scholarships to students who want to pursue technical fields as funds permit.  If students meet our requirements and are selected we will provide the funding and help for scholarships.  We are here to lend the helping hand towards advancement for those that wish to do so.  

In the future we intend to host events to further people's understanding of what we do and how we can help.  The events will raise money for the NHO so that we can continue to fund scholarships for students.  We do accept donations from other organizations and individuals if they desire to do so.  All money raised and donations taken will go towards funding our scholarship program.  None of ‘Eo Na Pūnāwai's personnel receive any financial compensation.